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Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Insitute (BAW)

BAW cares for the development and maintenance of Germanys waterways and is assigned to the German Ministry of Traffic (BMVBW). Its head office lies in Karlsruhe and serves as a central of information for the sectors: maritime traffic engineering, structural engineering, geotechnics and hydraulic engineering for inland and coastal waterways.
Within the scope of our co-operation, the simulator for inland navigation (BISS) was developped. Using it, possible plans for restructuring can be evaluated in advance.

Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems

The Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems (DST) is a research facility specialized in model tests and numerical simulations for shallow waters. The division Transportation Systems analyzes inland navigation with the scope on an economical and planing background.
In co-operation with DST we develop a method to evaluate intermodal transporation, taking transportation solutions which form an alternative to road transport into account. Within the joint project PlaInTrans we will develop a software which supports decisions concerning the various transportation systems (road, rail, water).
On completion of the project, a prototype of the software will be available which allows for the comparison of different transportaion routes and modes as for the influences of various parameters (e.g. fuel, tolls, taxes).

Descending vessel near Duisburg.

Screenshot of the simulation.