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7th September 2017

Please note the 5th of October, when the RiMEA e.V. will meet for its yearly workshop. This year it will take place at BAM in Berlin. Among other topics, we will deal with the changes submitted by the current rework process in which we revised chapter 2 (Terminology).

We're currently in the discussion phase, meaning that all members can comment on potential changes. Based on this, we will be able to decide, which changes to adopt.

If you are a RiMEA member and you wish to participate, feel free to contact Tim Meyer-König who will then invite you to the Google Docs of the revision.

2nd May 2017

We start with step 1 of our continuous revision of the RiMEA guideline. As decided at the membership meeting on the 16th of March we will start with a vote about the order in which we will revise the chapters of the guideline.

Members can contact Tim Meyer-König in order to get access to the Google Docs area in which all steps are documented.

The vote will end on the 31st of May 2017.

25th April 2017

We thank the VDSI Schleswig-Holstein for inviting us to one of their advanced training sessions. We were asked to give a seminar about pedestrian simulations. We also thank the Hansa-Park for their hospitality, giving all participants a tour around the park and letting us look behind the scenes.

16th March 2017

Together with other members of the RiMEA association, we have submitted a commented version of the current guideline to the annual membership meeting. The main point of criticism is the lack of clear and concrete thresholds and assessment criteria in the current version 3.0.0 of the guideline. This formerly allowed for comparison of different analyses which was the main aim of the original guideline.

Due to the amount of comments, it quickly became obvious, that discussing all of them within one meeting would not be possible. This is why we proposed to establish a process which allows for revising the guideline continuously.

The group assigned Tim Meyer-König to develop a procedure by which all members can rework the guideline between meetings of the RiMEA association. The goal would be to do most of the work between meetings and to solely vote on the proposed corrections at the meetings. It is the plan to go through two chapters between meetings.

We will contact you when the revision starts.

30th January 2017

There is possibly no chamber of engineers offering a more extensive trainee program as the Ingenieurkammer West e.V. The program of 2017 is now released and it offers a vast amount of education and training topics.
Together with Dr. Burkhard Forell, Tim Meyer-König will arrange part 3 Evacuation simulations and person safety in buildings on the 6th and 7th of July. Among other things, you will learn how to use PedGo on behalf of exemplary projects and you will gain detailed insight into the simulations model.
You can find the trainee program of the Ingenieurakademie West e.V. on its homepage or via this direct link Link (all in German language).

16th January 2016

Due to the new IMO circular MSC.1/Circ.1533, the German flag authority has issued a new certificate for AENEAS/PedGo versions 2.6. Regarding the test cases, Circ.1533 differs from Circ.1238 by demanding the visualization of the fundamental diagram of the simulation model. All other tests have stayed the same.

The actual certificate can be found in the downloads of the pedestrian section.

1st January 2017

We wish you a nice 2017. For older news entries, see the chronicles at the left.