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20th December 2016 - Happy Christmas Holidays

This year's Christmas card will trigger your craftsmanship. As always, it's self designed and after a short session of cutting, folding and gluing, you will have a little Santa showing you the direction to the nearest emergency exit.

We wish you recreative Christmas days and will be back for you after our company holidays lasting from the 23rd December 2016 until the 6th of January 2017. In urgent cases you can contact us via email.

15th September 2016 - First Meeting SiME R&D-Project

The first meeting of the German funded R&D project SiME at BAM in Berlin was a fruitful success. The project is funded by the German Ministry of Research (project no. 13N13946.
All project partners presented their results and the future procedures were agreed. Until now, most of the work consisted of viewing scientific publications and the classification of disabled and movement impaired persons according to quantifiable factors. Evaluating a first evacuation test delivered valuable and new information regarding movement and organizational procedures.
Within the project, we will extend PedGo by a system of helper agents as well as agents which are in need of help. Depending on their needs, the needy agents will then be assisted by the helpers, so organizational and procedural aspects of such evacuations can be analyzed and improved. Additionally, elevators will be implemented.

12th July 2016 - IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1533 released

MSC.1/Circ.1533 dealing with the evacuation analyses of passenger vessels has been released and thus replaces its predecessor circ.1238. You can download the document in our download section. IMO has assured us, that the circular is free to be published by us. Maybe, the fact that the new circular is released exactly 500 circulars after the predecessor of circular 1238 (Circ.1033) is a good sign. :o)

1st June 2016 - AGVS Meeting in Cologne on 22nd June

On the 22nd of June, the German Workgroup on Event Safety (Short: AGVS) will again meet at the university of Cologne. The main topics will be Safety Services and Evacuation Analyses. For the second part, Tim Meyer-König will give a short presentation to outline the topic, after which the group will discuss on how to pick up this topic in the future. For further information about the AGVS, feel free to contact Christian Buschhoff and have a look at its homepage (German).

25th May 2016 - IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1533

After many discussions during the SDC sessions, MSC (Maritime Safety Committee) at its 96 session approved the Revised guidelines on evacuation analyses for new and existing passenger ships . The new circular with the number 1533 will be published in the following weeks. It will take effect immediately and thus replace Circ.1238. Additionally, MAS agreed upon the changes to SOLAS (Chpt. 13), so evacuation analyses will become mandatory for all passenger vessels with a capacity of more than 36 passengers from the 1st of January 2020 on. The main changes between Circ.1533 and Circ.1238 are:
  • The circular advises explicitly to use the results of the analyses for the operation of vessels.
  • Areas of crossing, counter or dividing flows have to be documented for the crew to take measures in tackling these problematic areas.
  • A new and until further notice voluntary day case was introduced, which takes large open deck spaces into account which can get crouwded on e.g. cruise vessels.
  • Embarkation as another voluntary case was introduced in order to prove, that embarkation can be achieved within 30 min.
  • The complete structure of the circular was revised and simplified.

19th May 2016 - Evacuation Workshop in Berlin

Together with Martin Olek from Olek Fire Safety and Dr. Karsten Loer from SySaCon, we organized a workshop on evacuation simulations at the beautifull Postal Train Station in Berlin. Participants were fire safety engineers as well as members of the administration (Berlin fire brigade). We thank all visitors for the friendly mood at this beautifull early summers day.

5th April 2016 - RiMEA Guideline v3

The third version of the RiMEA guideline was released on the annual meeting of the RiMEA association on the 10th of March 2016. The new guideline is available for download on the RiMEA homepage (German). Next to small changes in the content and corrections of mistakes, the guideline was expanded with additional test cases. Details can be found in the protocolls of the meetings and workshops.

The RiMEA project was initially founded by Nathalie Waldau (IB Waldau) and Tim Meyer-König (TraffGo HT) in order to establish a guideline for microscopic evacuation analyses (RiMEA beeing an acronym for the German title). The idea was, to develop a guidline as a kind of open source project, where everybody could participate. Meanwhile, the project was transformed into an official association with many partners and the guideline is continuously developped according to state of the art knowledge.

7th March 2016 - Seminar Fire and Evacuation Simulations

The Ingenieurakademie West presents its yearly seminar Fire- and Evacuation Simulations. It is headed by Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Forell and consists of three modules which are accredited within the further education by the Ingenieurkammer-Bau NRW.
Within Module 3, on the 19th of March, we will give you a training on how to use PedGo, so you will develop an understanding for the basic principles of pedestrian simulations.
More information about other seminars can be found on the homepage of the Ingenieurakademie.
Module 1
Basics of fire dynamics, standard fires and the zone model CFAST (2 days)
12th and 13th February 2016, Dortmund

Module 2
Basics of the field model Fire Dynamic Simulator (4 days)
26th and 27th February, 4th and 5th March 2016, Dortmund

Module 3
Evacuation simulations and person safety in buildings (2 days)
18th and 19th March 2016, Dortmund

25th January 2016 - IMO SDC3, Changes to MSC.1/Circ.1238

Last week's meeting of the IMO sub-committee SDC had a very successful outcome regarding our work for revising the guideline on evacuation analyses for passenger ships. You never know, if the submissions you make will be adopted or not. At one point, they are strictly refused, but staying persistent, your proposals can suddenly be adopted. This was the case at SDC3.
Basically, the following major changes and additions will be added to MSC.1/Circ.1238 in the near future:

1) The whole circular is restructured, so it has become a lot more consistent.

2) There will be two additional recommended, but not mandatory cases:

a) Case 5 deals with open deck (bigger than a certain size) which have not been taken into account in any way regarding evacuation. This will probably have an influence on the future layout of sun deck accesses.

b) Case 6 gives a proper framework for embarkation analyses. We have already conducted these analyses for ships with large life boats (>150 persons), but now we can do this based on a clear definition by IMO.

3) Crossing and counter flows will have tob e documented in the future and it is encouraged, to pass the results oft he evacuation analysis on tot he operator, so the ship's crew will be informed about what to expect in the analyzed cases.

4) Crew distribution in case 2 was revised, so the 1/3 of crew being off duty will now be distributed in crew accommodation spaces instead of crew cabins only.

5) In the future, 500 simulation runs per scenario shall be performed. You can deviate from this recommendation if you demonstrate convergence by a recognized criterion.

6) Additionally to MSC.1/Circ.1238, a little error in the FSS code chapter 13 will be corrected: Instead of filling public spaces to 1/3 of their maximum capacity with crew, 1/3 of the crew will be distributed in public spaces as it was meant in the first place.

In principle, almost all of our points were implemented in the new guideline. Additional, major items submitted by other countries (one scenario per blocked MVZ, heel and trim, test cases) were suspended, since no consensus could be found. It is possible, they will be dealt with, when the guideline is revised at another time.
The revised circular will now be submitted to MSC and i fit will be accepted there, it will replace Circ.1238. The mandatory application of evacuation analyses to all passengers ships exceeding a certain size (>36 pax) will be implemented during the next revision of SOLAS and will possibly come into effect from 2020 on.

1st January 2016

We wish you a nice 2016. For older news entries, see the chronicles at the left.