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News 2014

24. December 2014 - Have a nice vacation

This year, our self-designed christmas cards perform a headstand, since the print shop has changed its format. However, we though it would be a waste, to reprint them.
We have been simulating more and more day to day situations, which is illustrated by this years card.
We wish you recreative and merry hollidays and we are looking forward to seeing/hearing from you in 2015.

Simulating visitor circulation in a museum.

4th December 2014 - Administration Workshop in Dortmund

We thank the fire brigade of Dortmund for an appointment consisting of very lively discussions around the topic of defining safety objectives. It has been very informative.

26th November 2014 - Administration Workshop in Gelsenkirchen

The mood was not that good, after the lost game against FC Chelsea, but thank you for your attention and your invitation. ;o)

23rd October 2014 - Preliminary Meeting IMO SDC2

At the BSH we met employees of DNV GL, Meyer Werft, AIDA Cruises, the German Flag Administration and the Ministry of Transport. We discussed our goals for the next meeting of IMOs sub-committy SDC ("Ship Design & Construction"). The sub-committy was instructed to revise the current guideline on evacuation analyses and to change SOLAS, so evacuation analyses would become mandatory for all passenger vessels above a certain size. Until today, they are only mandatory for RoRo passenger ferries. Germany will submit two papers concerning this topic to be discussed by the sub-committee in February 2015.

17th October 2014 - PedGo Tutorial

The PedGo tutorial is now available. Step by step it introduces you to the basic functions of PedGo, so after finishing it, you should be able to start working with PedGo. You can find the tutorial in our downloads section.

9th October 2014 - Administration Workshop in Hamburg

A small group of experts from the fire brigade Hamburg visited our free workshop. This allowed for detailed discussions all around the topic of evacuations and analyses. Our thanks go out to the experts of Hamburg.

4th September 2014 - Article in Brandveilig

The dutch online fire safety magazin Brandveilig has published an article concerning our optimization of an exhibition hall. Next to improving the evacuability of the exhibition hall, it was the goal of the project to optimize the layout, so all booths would have larger openings towards the corridors and thus would be more attrative to the exhibitors.

28th August 2014 - RiMEA workshop in Munich

The next RiMEA workshop takes place on the 9th of October in Munich. Details to beginning and venue will be released soon. Further information to RiMEA can be found on

14th August 2014 - Administration Workshop in Düsseldorf

The two hour workshop ended with the words "Thank you very much for this informative speech" from the firebrigade Düsseldorf. Due to the detailed discussions, the speech had taken two hours, but nobody got bored. Thanks for the detailed input!

10th July 2014 - Administration Workshop in Karlsruhe

30 members of the fire brigade as well as the administration of Karlsruhe gave us a warm welcome. We had lively discussions about evacuation analyses as a procedure within the fire safety engineering. Thank you very much!

25th June 2014 - Administration Workshop in Wuppertal and Dresden

Again two successfull workshops für fire brigades and administrations in the cities of Wuppertal (23.6.) and Dresden (25.6.). Mr. Merle of the fire brigade Wuppertal thanked us for a "detailed and neutral presentation", so there remains nothing for us but to thank Wuppertal and Dresden for their invitation.

3rd June 2014 - Administration Workshop in Aachen

Only positive feedback from the administration and fire brigade of Aachen. Georg Schmidt from the fire brigade thanked us "for an open, neutral and very comprehensible presentation". It seems like we are reaching our goal to inform our audience on a neutral level. We thank all participants for the open and constructive discussions.

26th May 2014 - First Administration Workshop in Bochum

We offer free workshops for the German authorities in order to inform them about evacuation simulations. For our first workshop, we were invited by Mr. Wingler-Scholz from the fire brigade Bochum. The seminar included fruitfull discussions and lead to an exchange of stand points. It was embedded into a two day workshop by the fire brigades and city authorities of the area of Bochum regarding fire safety engineering.
"The seminar regarding egress simulations was a big success", Mr. Wingler-Scholz concluded. Many thanks to all participants for their active participation.

24. April 2014 - Article in the magazine "Bevölkerungsschutz" of the Federal Institute of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance

The Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance has released a magazine to the topic safety of large events. The articles give an overview about aspects of planning and realiziation of large scale events. One article is written by Hubert Klüpfel to the topic of simulations at large scale events. The article shows, how simulations can be accomplished for the example of the Eidgenössisches Schwinger- und Älplerfest 2013 in Burgdorf (Suisse). Furthermore the simulation results are compared to on-site findings.
The magazine is available for download at for free (in german).

9th April 2014 - Grips Final Meeting

On 09.04.2014 the final project meeting to the research project GRIPS took place in Duisburg. The research project was granted by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF). The acronym GRIPS stands for GIS based Risk, Information and Planning-System.
The aim of the project was to develop a fast and user-friendly system for the simulation of the evacuation of large scale areas, which has been successfully implemented with the help of the project partners and the associated partners. The project partners were the university of Heidelberg and the Berlin Insititute of Technology, the associated partners were the ministry of the interior Hamburg, the fire department of Essen and the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance.
The basis of the GRIPS evacuation system is the software MatSim ( MatSim is a network-based traffic model, which is amongst other institutes developed at the Berlin Institute of Technology under the direction of Prof. Kai Nagel.
In particular the evacuation of the distict of Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg was analyzed in the reseach project GRIPS. By the usage of the matsim core, it is possible to simulate the evacuation of the whole district in a few minutes. With the features of road closures and the use of public transport within the simulation, it is possible to gather information of different evacuation situations in a short time, which can help to plan evacuations in urgent situations.
More information on the research project can be taken from

27th March 2014 - RiMEA Membership Meeting

On March, 27th the RiMEA Membership Meeting took place at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. Amongst other topics, the submissions of the RiMEA-Award were presented. Furthermore it was reported about the development of the DIN 18009, which will be a guideline about the application of engineering methods in fire safety for germany. Another important topic was the discussion of the revision of the current RiMEA-Guideline, which standardizes the application of microscopic evacuation analysis.
The next RiMEA Workshop takes place in munich in september or october. Further information can be found on

24th January 2014 - PedGo Release

We have corrected a few minor bugs. The new versions of PedGo and AENEASsim are available in the protected customer section.

7th January 2014 - 7th Conference on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics takes place in Delft

The 7th conference on pedestrian and evacuation dynamics will take place at the Delft University of Technology from 22th to 24th October 2014. The deadline for the paper submission is on 28th March 2013. More information about the conference can be taken from

2nd January 2014 - Happy New Year!

We wish you a happy and prosperous year 2014! We will publish our news for 2014 in this part of our homepage.
You can find the news of 2013 here. For older news, check the menu at the left hand side of this page.