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News 2013

23th December 2013 - Christmas Cards

You may look forward to this years christmas card, referencing the new release of PedGo and AENEAS with it's more complex possibilities concerning route choice and hazards.

As always drawn by Tim Meyer-König.

20th December 2013 - New guideline on engineering methods for fire safety published by the German Fire Protection Association

In November the new guideline on engineering methods in fire safety was published by the German Fire Protection Association. The guideline is called Leitfaden Ingenieurmethoden des Brandschutzes and is available online for free in pdf. Unfortunately it is only available in german. In the field of evacuation, the guideline shows which parameters have to be considered in the application of evacuation simulations. Especially for the application, an example is illustrated. One aspect illustrated in the example is the comparison between several evacuation simulations. One of them is PedGo.

3rd December 2013 - PedGo Release

Our customers can now download our newest release ( of PedGo and the PedGo Editor. The newest functions allow for the blocking of arbitrary rooms at stochastically defined times. Furthermore, the modelling of the routes was essentially revised, so followup and alternative routes can be defined in order to take hazardous influences like e.g. finre and smoke or floodings into account. The user now has almost endless possibilities in using the routes.

If the middle room is blocked by a hazard, route 2 and 3 are the alternatives.

When reaching the goal of route 1, routes 2, 3, and 4 act as followups.
New result data allows for evaluationg the durations, agents have spent in different densities. These durations allow for a quantitative comparison of scenarios.
Naturally, these updates are free of charge for our licensees and of course we offer a short introduction to these new features via telephone, so our licensees can make full use of them.

20th September 2013 - RiMEA Workshop 2013 in Vienna

The last RiMEA Workshop took place on 20th September in Vienna at the Ausrian Institute of Technology (
The minutes of meeting (in german) will be released on the RiMEA-Homepage.

18/19th June 2013 - Lecture at Showtech

Tim Meyer-König visited the Showtech fair. Together with José Mendez of the Beuth University for Applied Sciences, he gave a lecture about the opportunities and restrictions of pedestrian flow simulations. Next to the theoretical basics of pedestrian flow simulations, a practical test loosened up the event, when Tim Meyer-König asked the audience to switch their tribune. In parallel, he simulated the exchange with our software PedGo, so an immediate comparison of reality and simulations was enabled.

Simulated exchange of tribunes on Showtech, duration: ~1 min.

10th June 2013 - Lecture to the topic "Event Safety"

On 10th June 2013 Dr. Hubert Klüpfel gave a lecture at the VDS Symposium "Safety at Events" (in german). The topic of the lecture was about person flows and human behaviour in events. A program of the symposium in german is available for download on the homepage of the VDS.

5th March 2013 - RiMEA Membership Meeting 2013 in Duisburg

RiMEA is an association to develop a guideline for the standardized application of evacuation simulations in the assessment of buildings. On March, 5th, 2013 the annual RiMEA membership meeting took place in Duisburg. In this meeting Wolfgang Kroetzinger received the first RiMEA award for his bachelor thesis "Erweiterung von Navigationsgraphen um Landmarks zur Abbildung der Fußgängerwegewahl in einem Personenstromsimulator" (Extension of navigation graphs with landmarks for the illustration of pedestrian route choice in a person flow simulator), written at the Technical University Munich. Furthermore the revision of the current version of the guideline was discussed by the members.
Additional information to RiMEA and the membership meetings can be taken from the RiMEA-Homepage (in german).

RiMEA executive committee with the RiMEA award winner 2012 (from the left: Andreas Winkens, Dr. Hubert Klüpfel, Award winner Wolfgang Kroetzinger, Christian Rogsch, Dr. Rainer Könnecke)

21st February 2013 - Interview with Dr. Hubert Klüpfel to the topic "means of escape"

Concerning the forthcoming conference "1st International Event Safety Conference I-ESC" Dr. Hubert Klüpfel has been interwiewed to the topic "means of escape". The "1st International Event Safety Conference" takes place within the eventplaza on the international trade fair Prolight + Sound on 10th April, 2013 in Frankfurt /Main.
The interview is published in the official blog of the trade fair Prolight + Sound with the title "Escape and evacuation routes are essential for survival" and is available in english.

31st January 2013 - Seminar to the topic "Evacuation Calculation"

Dr. Hubert Klüpfel has a talk on the topic of evacuation calculations on 15.03.2013 in Essen/Germany. This talk is part of a series in seminars dealing with the issue "Fire Safety and Evacuation Simulations", offered by Engineers Academy West e.V.
More information on the seminar you can find in the seminar program (german) of the Engineers Academy West e.V.

11th January 2013 - IMO FP56, No Progress of Maritime Evacuation Guidelines

The first work week of 2013 starts with an disappointing result.
Supporting the German Ministry of Tranport (BMVBS), we helped to submit a German paper for this years meeting of the IMO sub-committee on fire protection (FP).
Based on six scenarios beeing compliant to current IMO guidelines, the paper demonstrated that fundamental rules concerning the design of evacuation routes should be established (no counter flows, no crossing flows, live vests on muster stations, flexible exchange between assembly stations). These basic points were postulated, since the hitherto information of the Costa Concordia accident gives the impression, that the crew was not able to realize the evacuation concept in the way it was planned.
More and more evacuation concepts of large passenger ships tend to rely on a lot of procedural intervention by the crew. We see this development critically and believe, that an evacuation concept should be as simple as possible and thus work by itself, without extensive actions of the crew.
Italy, Japan and Panama argued against our paper due to formal reasons. The mandate of the FP subcommittee would not cover changes to the FSS Code (Fire Safety Systems) or SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea). Even recommendations to the MSC about the points made in the paper were rejected.
The support of Spain and the United States of America however encourages us, to proceed on the chosen route, so we think about taking the formally correct way via the MSC in summer this year.

3rd January 2013 - Happy New Year!

We wish you a happy and prosperous year 2013! We will publish our news for 2013 in this part of our homepage.
You can find the news of 2012 here. For older news, check the menu at the left hand side of this page.