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News 2010

December, 8th 2010 - Christmas Cards

We have mailed our christmas cards. As always, they are drawn by Tim Meyer-König. The motive was influenced by this years European Capital of Culture here in the Ruhr District.
All recipients of our christmas cards have the possibility to order 5 cards for free. Send an email with your adress to While stocks last, we immediately send the cards to the given adress.

Motive of this years christmas cards. Click on it, to view a larger version.

December, 6th 2010 - EMEVAC Conference in Warsaw

The International Scientific and Technical Conference on Emergency Evacuation of People from Buildings will take place from 31st March to 1st April 2011 at the Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) in Warsaw, Poland. Scope of the conference is amongst other things the behaviour of people in fires and other emergencies requiring evacuation and new analytical / engineering methods for evacuation of people from buildings. For additional information visit the homepage of the conference: EMEVAC.

October, 14th 2010 - Paper about the research project Hermes

A new paper about the research project Hermes - Investigation of an evacuation assistant for use in emergencies during large-scale public events is available online. The Paper can be downloaded for free here: "HERMES - Evacuation Assistant for Arenas" (832 kB). More information about the research project can be found at:

July, 27th 2010, 23:50 - Comment on our work for Loveparade 2010

Since the media is currently mixing up several peaces of information, it seems necessary to us, to comment our work for the Loveparade:

  1. Beginning July 2010, we have been assigned to perform an evacuation analysis. This means, that the evacuation of the event area is simulated. Based on this analysis, the reduction of emergency exit widths was approved.
  2. This procedure is common practice in the area of fire protection. If it can be shown, that the protection goals can be reached, deviating from guidelines will be accepted.
  3. The evacuation analysis only examines the evacuation of the event area, not the filling situation, where the tragic accident happened. Emptying the event area after the show succeeded without problems, which supports our simulation results.
  4. From our point of view, there is no causal connection between reducing emergency exit widths and the problems which occured during the event.
  5. Except for the described analysis, we have not been involved with any further analyses for the project Loveparade 2010.
  6. Due to contractual obligations, all content of our analyses is strictly confidential and cannot be shared with anybody, except for the customer.

July, 25th 2010, 17:35 - Comment on the tragic events at Loveparade 2010

We regret the tragic death of nineteen visitors to this years Loveparade and hereby would like to offer our condolences to the relatives.
Since our company is specialized in the analysis of pedestrian flows and evacuations, we have been part of the planing process and analysed the evacuation of the area in emergencies and after the event. Due to contractual obligations, we cannot publish results of the analysis.
Due to the large interest of the media, many journalists are currently asking for comments on the events from our side. However, since we do not have more information on the accident as published by the media, we cannot give any comments on this topic.
The accident is tragic and we understand, that the public is interested in a quick clarification. Anyhow, we think it is sensible to await the results of the official investigation before making speculations.

May, 10th 2010 - Paper of the Ped2010 now online

Our papers of the 5th International Conference on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics are online. They are available for download at publications.
One paper which was written in collaboration with Judith Bendel of Access Unlimited, deals with the Assessment of accessibility of buildings. The second paper was worked out in cooperation of the TU Berlin. This paper presents the simulation results of the evacuation of the city of Padang. The simulation model used is MATSim, which is developed within the research project Last Mile.

May, 2nd 2010 - Talk at the International Transport and Crowd Management Workshop 2010

Dr. Hubert Klüpfel gave a talk at the International Transport and Crowd Management Workshop on May 2nd,2010 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as an invited speaker. The talk was about Microscopic Simulation of Crowd Movement in the Context of Hajj. More information about the workshop and the presentation of Dr. Hubert Klüpfel is available at

March, 8-10th 2010 - Fifth International Conference on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics

The 5th International Conference on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics will take place from 8th to 10th March 2010 at the National Institute of Standards (NIST) in Gaithersburg, MD, USA. For additional information visit the homepage of the conference: PED2010.

January, 4th 2010 - Happy New Year!

We wish you a happy and prosperous year 2010! We will publish our news for 2010 in this part of our homepage.
You can find the news of 2009 here. For older news, check the menu at the left hand side of this page.