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News 2008

December, 22nd 2008

We wish all of our friends, customers and partners a Merry Christmas. As always, the Christmas card is drawn by Tim Meyer-König. This years motive was influenced by this years Olympic Games.

Motive of this years Christmas cards.

November, 6th 2008 - A new company logo

Our company logo is modernized. You will find it at the head of these pages and in near future on all of our documents. However, the content remains the same. You will receive our usual service which you are accustomed to.

October, 15th 2008 - Collection of experimental data for pedestrian dynamics

On the homepage of the workgroup ped-net a collection of experimental data for pedestrian dynamics is publicly available. The main focus is on fundamental diagrams and person flows through bottlenecks and doors. The data is available at

October, 13th 2008 - Software & Support reopened

After a sailing trip around the North Atlantic lasting 15 months, our colleagues Steffi and Tim Meyer-König are back in Flensburg to take up their work again.

September, 26th 2008 - Panel discussion egress simulation at IAFSS conference

Hubert Klüpfel was a panelist at the workshop on egress simulation at the IAFSS (International Association of Fire Safety Science) on September 21st in Karlsruhe. Details at .

August, 18th 2008 - RiMEA Workshop on November 3rd, 2008

The next RiMEA Workshop with the topic "Utilization of the RiMEA Guideline as a guide within the planning and building permission process" takes place on November 3rd, 2008 at the University Wuppertal. The workshop is held in German. More information about the workshop is available on the RiMEA Homepage.

July, 17th 2008 - Last-Mile Publications

A new list of publications of the research Project Last-Mile for the development of a Tsunami early warning and evacuation information system is available on the Homepage

June, 19th 2008 - Certification of AENEAS according to MSC.1/Circ.1238

The software package AENEAS version 2.4.1 has been certified by the German See-Berufsgenossenschaft according to MSC.1/Circ. 1238 (PDF, 450 kB, external link). The program AENEAS is used for the simulation of the evacuation of passenger ships and fulfills all requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Additionally, the program PedGo for the simulation of building evacuation was certified, since it also fulfills the IMO requirements. AENEAS, on the other hand, is able to simulate the influence of ship motion, which goes beyond the current requirements. Certificate (PDF, 360 KB)

June, 18th 2008 - "GL nonstop" magazine features article on AENEAS

The current issue of "GL nonstop" features an article about the simulation software AENEAS.
PDF, 5 MB (external link)

June, 10th 2008 - Final report "Estonia" (HSVA)

The final HSVA-report concerning the investigation into the cause of the "Estonia" disaster (with help of our spftware Aeneas) is now available under the link PDF, 11,2 MB

May, 20th 2008

Dirk Durst ,student at the Open University Hamburg, focusses in his thesis the evacuation of a metro station in a methodological comparison between computer assisted analysis and hand calculation methods. The thesis can be downloaded under F&E.
Unfortunately it is only available in German.