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News 2007


Dr. Hubert Klüpfel, managing director of TraffGo HT GmbH, presented on "Ship Evacuation - Legal Regulations, Future Developments, and their Impact on the Industry" at the International Maritime Emergency Forum in London. Additionally, he was chairman of the "Fire on Ships Conference" held on Oct 15th and 16th.


The Marine Safety Committee (MSC) decided at its 83rd session to retain the item "Evacuation Analysis" on the agenda for the next session of the Fire Protection Sub-Committee (FP 52), to be held in January 2008 in London. ( has more on recent IMO decisions.)
Dr. Hubert Klüpfel will assist the German delegation at FP 52 as a scientific expert on evacuation analysis for passenger ships.


RiMEA is Austrian-German-Swiss cooperate project to develop a "guideline for microscopic evacuation analyses" (for buldings, stadiums, airports, ...). It has now gone into its 8th iteration which focuses on the application of the guideline for regulatory purposes (especially planning and building permissions).
More details about RiMEA can be found at (in German).


Christian Rogsch of the University of Wuppertal presented a comparison of Aseri, buildingExodus, Simulex, and PedGo at Interflam 2007


Last-mile Kick-off Meeting in Hannover
Last-mile is a continuation of the "German-Indoneasian Tsunami Early Warning System (GITEWS)" and is concerned with emergency preparedness and evacuation processes after a Tsunami.

May 2007

Results of RiMEA test-cases
RiMEA is the acronym for "Richtlinie für mikroskopische Entfluchtungsanalysen" (Guideline for Microscopic Evacuation Analysis, in German). Details and further information can be found at (in German). The guideline contains in the appendix various test-cases for the validation of software-programmes. The results of the simulation of those test-cases with PedGo can be downloaded in the category Downloads (in German).


TraffGo HT moved to Tectrum
TraffGo HT GmbH has completed its move into the new premises at Tectrum today. Further information on our new location can be found at
For the complete address and travel information please have a look at Contact.

April 2007

Our newest program in the PedGo/AENEAS family is the Viewer. It visualizes the simulated processes in a 3D environment and thus increases the comprehensibility.
The software is freeware and can be downloaded from our download section. With the Viewer, our licencees are able to hand the log files of their simulations to their customers, who then are enabled to follow the analyses in every detail.

26th April 2007

Talk of TraffGo HT Executive Director at "Cruise & Ferry 2007" Safety Conference
Hubert Klüpfel will give a talk during the Conference "Fire and Evacuation on Passenger Vessels" that will be held during this years "Cruise & Ferry 2007" exhibition in London. The talk is on April 26th and is entitled "Understanding the Impact of Regulatory Changes". Further information on the conference and the contents of the talk are available at Cruise & Ferry 2007.

26th March 2007 online
The newly created website is dedicated to research on pedestrian dynamics and its applications. It is intented to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and knowledge and comprises a wiki, a forum, sections on empirical data, a literature database, etc. was co-initiated by TraffGo HT.

5th to 9th February 2007

51st Session of Fire Protection Subcommittee of the Marine Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London.
The working group on Evacuation Analysis" dealt with the pending "Draft Interim Guidelines for Evacuation Analysis of New and Existing Passenger Ships". They were revised and finalised and will be recommended to be made final (without the Interim) by the Marine Safety Committe (MSC) in one of its next sessions.
Further information on the structure and scope of the "Marine Safety Committee" and the "Fire Protection Subcommittee" are available on IMO's internet site.

Members of the German Delegation at IMO.

2nd Jan. 2007

We wish you a happy and prosperous year 2007! We will publish our news in this part of our homepage. For older news, check the menu at the left hand side of this page.